Cannabis & Hemp Procedures and SOP

(Standard Operating Procedures) are the central part of operations of any cultivation, extraction, processing, packaging or testing business. Startups who invest in solid standard operating procedures (SOP) find themselves several steps ahead, running efficiently, with well-trained staff, and don’t suffer any costly mistakes.

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Cannabis Consulting

Our services for cannabis and hemp include:

  1. Regulatory Submissions and Licenses
  2. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  3. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  4. Food Safety Programs
  5. Gap Analysis and Audits
  6. Extraction and Production Processes
  7. Lab Safety and Hazardous Materials Handling
  8. Advanced Formulations
  9. Supplier and Vendor Qualification
  10. New Product Development
  11. Analytical Test Method and Laboratory Development,
  12. Materials Testing & Certificates of Analysis
  13. Operations, Facilities, Staffing & Training
  14. Investor Due Diligence
  15. Risk Assessment, Prevention & Management
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Cannabis and Hemp Services builds a bridge to connect you with product quality and regulatory requirements. We serve on committees supporting the development of many cannabis standards, including ASTM, American Herbal Products Association, Americans for Safe Access, and U.S. Hemp Roundtable. We have also led the production of quality standards, SOP and methods that led to successful product licenses and permits in several states and jurisdictions.

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Who We Are is spearheaded by leaders in natural products, who have a long history of regulatory and technical experience in dietary supplements, food, botanical medicines, hemp and cannabis.

We strongly believe that nutrition, botanical and natural medicines are viable, sustainable ways to support human health.  To this end, we work to research, validate and improve the efficacy, safety and quality of natural products around the globe.


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Contact us with any questions about regulatory, compliance, and product development of hemp or cannabis products.